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Sabbath School

Sabbath school classes are the heartbeat of our church community. Age-appropriate small groups that study the Bible together. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. We offer several adult & children classes from which to choose. Well, come and find a small group that you can contribute to and receive a blessing from.

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Weekly Bible Study Sessions
Session Venue Time
Collegiate Class
(12th Grade through College)
DACS 6 10:20-11:15 am
Young Adult Class
(Post College)
DACS 1 10:20-11:15 am
Sanctuary Class
(Focus on the Quarterly)


10:20-11:15 am
Open Circle #1 DACS 9 10:20-11:15 am
Open Circle #2 DACS 8 10:20-11:15 am
Spanish Class Gym 10:20-11:15 am