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Music Ministries
Below are a few of the music ministries you can become involved in at our church.  Please let the office know if you have any musical talents or would like to become involved in one of the music groups! 
  • Duluth Adventist Strings Ensemble - If you play violin, viola, cello or string bass, you could be a part of this excellent ensemble from our own Duluth SDA Church!  Click for Facebook Page!
  • Prayze Choir (Children's Choir) - Does your child enjoy singing?  Be part of the Children's Choir.  Meets 1st & 3rd Sabbaths' after the 2nd Service Children's Story.  They have various performances throughout the year.
  • Choristers for Praise Sing - Help lead the congregation in for song service on Sabbath.
  • Pianists for Sabbath Schools and Church -We are always in need of talented pianists to accompany Sabbath School and Church Services.
  • Special Music - Can you sing?  Play an intsrument? Do you whistle beautifully? Start making a joyful noise to God to bless us during our worship service. 

The Power of Song

"The history of the songs of the Bible is full of suggestion as to the uses and benefits of music and song. Music is often perverted to serve purposes of evil, and it thus becomes one of the most alluring agencies of temptation. But, rightly employed, it is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and noble themes, to inspire and elevate the soul.

As the children of Israel, journeying through the wilderness, cheered their way by the music of sacred song, so God bids His children today gladden their pilgrim life. There are few means more effective for fixing His words in the memory than repeating them in song. And such song has wonderful power. It has power to subdue rude and uncultivated natures; power to quicken thought and awaken sympathy, to promote harmony of action, and to banish the gloom and foreboding that destroy courage and weaken effort.

It is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth. How often to the soul hard-pressed and ready to despair, memory recalls some word of God’s, --the long-forgotten burden of a childhood song, -- and temptations lose their power, life takes on new meaning and new purpose, and courage and gladness are imparted to other souls!

The value of song as a means of education should never be lost sight of. Let there be singing in the home, of songs that are sweet and pure, and there will be fewer words of censure and more of cheerfulness and hope and joy. Let there be singing in the school, and the pupils will be drawn closer to God, to their teachers, and to one another.

As a part of religious service, singing is as much an act of worship as is prayer. Indeed, many a song is prayer."

--Ellen G. White's Education, pp. 167, 168.